Enjoy the blockchain with Reborn Wallet
Reborn Wallet is your key to blockchain revolution
Reborn Wallets' new technologies
Making blockchain as simple as typing a message
Telegram and Facebook Messenger wallet
Reborn is first true multi-wallet in Telegram and Facebook Messenger. We keep things simple by insuring your 24h access to your funds from any device.
Use CoinyID instead of wallet long addresses
To transfer funds within Reborn Wallet just use your CoinyID - a several digits number you can ask from your receipent instead of huge wallet address.

For example, by typing:
>253 5 XRP
you will send 5 Ripples to someone who has CoinyID #253 in Reborn Wallet.
Fast and zero-fee R2R transfers
All transfers within Reborn Wallet are called Reborn-to-Reborn (R2R). They are instant and have zero fees as their are not actually posted on blockchain.

Of course, you can always choose a common transaction instead of R2R if a blockchain confirmation is needed.
Type to exchange protocol
No more currency exchange hassle. Just type what you want to exchange and how much.

For example, by typing something like:
you will exchange 2 Bitcoins to Ethereum and refill your Reborn ETH wallet.
Development stages
We add features one by one using a plan below
Wallet with CoinyID
Receive and send bitcoins using our chatbot-based crypto wallet
R2R transfers
Lightning fast transactions between Reborn Wallet users
Security features
Biometric and two-factor authentications
More currencies
Name your top currencies and we will do our best to add them
Exchange integration
Change your cryptocurrencies as simple as typing a line of text
Support Reborn Wallet project
We are a small team of enthusiasts working hard to simplify life of amateur and professional blockchain users. You may always support our project by sending some cryptos in order for us to develop new features faster:

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