Transforming Messengers into

CoinyPay is a chatbot technology provider for Banks and Payment Service Providers that enables one-tap payments and a missing communication channel between merchants and customers
Payment Service Providers (PSP) and their merchants on average lose 69% of revenue which is millions per month due to the shopping cart and checkout abandonment.

CoinyPay is a white-label chatbot solution that enables seamless one-tap payment experience with an abandoned cart reminder feature on e-commerce websites across all PSP merchants.

Fixing it will result in lowering commission transaction and attracting more merchants. It also allows establishing a new channel of communication between merchants and customers to provide up-sale, special offers, customer support and more.
All in one simple messenger interface.
Billions lost annually due to cart and checkout abandonment
Online buyers forget shopping carts and struggle to fill out checkout forms which result in high abandonment rates
Average checkout abandonment rate
Mobile shopping cart and checkout abandonment rate
Average shopping cart abandonment rate
One tap and paid
Everyone will benefit from a successful online purchase
Online buyers
Will checkout seamlessly with no repeating card acquiring across all merchants within a PSP and will be able to get customer support and discounts within a chatbot
PSPs and banks
Will get more successful transactions, higher revenues, and onboard new merchants easier due to lower commission per transaction
Will receive a new communication channel with customers, earn more due to a checkout abandonment fix and increase retention with an abandoned cart reminder feature
More than just a payment option
CoinyPay is also a new sales and support channel for your merchants
Send, receive and pay bills
Merchants can send invoices to their customers right into messengers and customers can pay them in one-tap or even do P2P transfers to each other
Up-sale customers
Merchants can provide customers with discounts, promotions, special offers and even automated replies like shopping cart abandonment reminders
Customer Support
Customers can get all FAQ answered by the chatbot and even get connected to a support team of a particular merchant 24/7 us to solve any problem
For developers
Integrating CoinyPay to your PSP is fairly simple. Contact us for more information or look through our example of deliverables below.
Our partners
Several key things worth mentioning
You may ask:
Why chatbot?
People love to chat. It is comfortable for them. They already "live" in messengers and do not want another app. So why not to confirm bills and receive customer support for purchases or discounts there as well?
You may ask:
What data goes where? Is it secure?
We do not store any card data neither we provide it to Facebook or any other 3rd party. We simply receive card token from a PSP and match it with customer's Messenger ID. Our backend can also be deployed on the PSP's side.
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