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A chatbot will send coupons, abandoned cart reminders, order status updates, ask for feedback, provide automated customer support and more
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A chatbot will automate your Instagram communications reducing the load on your customer support team
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A chatbot can even leverage the traditional marketing channels to stay connected to your customers anywhere
Facebook + Shopify integration provides lucrative channels for communicating with your customers through which they can view product catalogs, return abandoned carts, receive coupons, get recommendations, and more.

is an average shopping cart
abandonment rate
Up to 50%

of those carts can be returned with our efficient chatbot solutions
At least 20 times

more efficient then mobile apps
faster & cheaper
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Let's say you have a popular Shopify store. You've spent a lot of money on website development, spend even more on promoting it, and get a decent number of orders. But there is one unpleasant "little thing".
Set the goal to "Reduce abandoned checkouts" on your Shopify dashboard and you will see something like this:
⭐ How can chatbot help get your money back?
Over the past 30 days, your customers have abandoned around a million cash in their shopping carts. So what is an abandoned cart? This is when a user visits your website, puts items for a certain amount in the cart, and then doesn't make it to the checkout process.

He may have forgotten or have been distracted, but you did not receive the money. Most likely you paid for this lead through advertising and lost him. Statistics say that such users are in the majority on your site and you are constantly losing money.
70% is the average rate of abandoned carts in global e-commerce market. That is crazy! Let's get it back!
So what do you do? By default, Shopify prompts you to set up an email campaign. You most likely have already done this (if not, then you should do it at least in order to understand how much marketing in messengers will be more effective), but you won't feel much of a difference.

We suggest implementing a chatbot that will automatically return abandoned carts to your customers in Facebook Messenger. It looks like this (courtesy of Manychat):
1) Customer selects products to put in his shopping cart
2) For the first time only he will have to opt-in for chatbot notifications in Facebook Messenger
3) Customer is interrupted and he abandoned his cart
4) In a few hours he will receive a notification from your chatbot about his cart in which he can resume the checkout in one click
5) Profit!
Simple at first glance, such flow requires time for testing and correct integration into your Shopify store, so it does not reduce the conversion at other stages of the checkout process.

We have extensive experience in configuring an abandoned cart module for chatbots in Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Therefore, we can guarantee results within the first test month.
This flow reduces the statistics of abandoned carts by 2-3 times and does not require a lot of setup and support efforts. The Shopify + Facebook integration is not the most famous and your store can stand out from the crowd even if competitors also use the Shopify platform.
⭐ What exactly will be done to implement Shopify + Facebook integration?
This integration allows Shopify store owners to:

✅ Receive confirmations of purchases in their online store
✅ Notify customers about the status of the shipments
✅ Automatically sync with your Shopify account: you can add products, and all the attributes and images are synced between the two channels
✅ Provide discount coupons and promotional offers
✅ Increase engagement and profit with broadcasts
✅ Ask feedback about the quality of goods and services
✅ Answer frequently asked questions
✅ Have a simple chat interface to browse and communicate with chatbot users
✅ View analytics and other useful functions.

All these features are MUST HAVE for any online store based on Shopify and are guaranteed to increase its profitability.
Zhilyova Lingerie case ❤️
"In Shopify commerce, a chatbot is very good at returning abandoned carts. There are convenient and understandable statistics, as well as the ability to fine-tune communication with users through instant messeging".

Alexey Nagorniy, Product-manager Zhilyova Lingerie
Abandoned carts
Chatbot is returning up to 50% of abandoned carts per month making everyone happy
24/7 customer support
Chatbot is always online to help solve common issues for their customers
Discount coupons
Ads campaign to chatbot flow with coupons was a huge success featuring 90% more sales
Catalogue & Status
The whole store is now available in messenger for customers to make purchases and check order status
Overall, the Facebook Messenger chatbot is an extremely useful feature and can help you accumulate audience, segment, and re-engage it in your company's marketing activities by sending broadcasts through your Facebook ad account.

Our experts are ready to help your team integrate conversational marketing into your Shopify store. Sign up for a consultation to know more or try our demo chatbot.
At CoinyPay AI we have been helping our clients to automate their business since 2017. We use lightweight solutions like chatbots and online platforms. Our clients work in a variety of areas: from HoReCa, taxi, and delivery services to Instagram, Shopify stores, fintech, banks, and event agencies.
Our solutions allow you to increase the company's revenue and help focus your team on business development. Meanwhile, chatbots work on routine tasks, ensure responsiveness, and automate growth.

Michael Skrychevsky
⚡ Founder at CoinyPay AI ⚡
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