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Chatbots are now
on Instagram!

We implement chatbots to automate Instagram business pages that can DM your customers when someone:

✅ tags your account in stories
✅ reacts and responds to your stories
✅ commented your post
✅ DMs you first (keywords recognition + preset menu)
✅ and much more
Empower your Instagram right away
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    Subscribers do not like to wait long for replies in Direct
    Especially at 3 AM :)
    Managers often fail to keep up with the flow of messages
    Diminishing brand credibility
    Finding the right customer segment is a challenge
    Chatbot will tag each client, making it easier to find the desired segment
    Instant reaction to a tag in a story or comment
    Automatically thank for the tag or reply to the comment in Direct at any given time
    Chatbots on Instagram have become available recently and we are one of the first to offer this unique technology to your business
    An example of a simple Instagram bot where you can get a coupon, discount, or call a manager. You can try out this chatbot by clicking on the button below.
    Let chatbot do the routine
    Chatbot's main task is to simplify the life of the owner and managers of Instagram account, decrease costs and increase the efficiency of business communications with the client
    NO MORE answering to the same type of customer questions
    The chatbot will recognize keywords and instantly send the necessary answer even outside of working hours and in the desired language.
    Tag dialogue automations
    The chatbot will send the promo code in Direct to the one who tagged your account in the Stories, will answer questions about the price and delivery address from the comments, and much more.
    Rich functionality and integrations
    Ask subscriber's phone number, instantly reply in Direct, do repost promotions, conduct mass surveys, issue invoices, save information in a Google spreadsheet or CRM, etc.
    Who needs an Instagram chatbot?
    ✅ Online stores to answer questions about prices, venue locations, and accept payments automatically
    ✅ Food delivery services to send out promo codes or coupons
    ✅ Restaurants to show menu, addresses, accept table reservation and thank for tags in stories
    ✅ Bloggers who are overwhelmed with DMs and comments
    ✅ Those who often buy ads that lead to Instagram Direct
    ✅ Any business that needs to always be in touch with its customers
    We have flexible pricing plans based on your needs
    10% discount if billed yearly
    from $99 USD / month
    Autoresponder to Instagram Direct
    Replies to comments on posts
    Stories responses and reactions
    Replies to tags in stories
    Payments integration
    Integration with Google Sheets
    Unlimited number of flows
    Admin panel for managers

    Facebook Messenger + $39 per month
    WhatsApp + $89 per month
    SMS and Email + $29 per month
    Select plan
    Fixed price
    Billed monthly
    from $20 / hour
    All features from subscription plans
    Custom integrations with your and 3rd party services
    Premium support

    Includes Web, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp channels
    SMS and Email as a bonus

    Select plan
    *Prices do not include recurring or one-time 3rd party service fees
    **Basic setup on fixed price plan will take minimum of 20 hours
    At CoinyPay AI we have been helping our clients to automate their business since 2017. We use lightweight solutions like chatbots and online platforms. Our clients work in a variety of areas: from HoReCa, taxi, and delivery services to Instagram, Shopify stores, fintech, banks, and event agencies.
    Our solutions allow you to increase the company's revenue and help focus your team on business development. Meanwhile, chatbots work on routine tasks, ensure responsiveness, and automate growth.

    Michael Skrychevsky
    ⚡ Founder at CoinyPay AI ⚡
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