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Smart chatbots to sell
up to 10-times more and provide better customer support in messengers

Chatbots in Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Viber are your free employees that help you automate your business and provide faster and better services for clients
Chatbots for SMEs
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
For small and medium business owners and marketing executors who feel overwhelmed with routine client communication, we developed chatbots in messengers to enable automated sales funnels and supreme customer support.

We are the team of experienced chatbot developers. We have created more than 300 bots and have a proprietary Chatbot Development Studio that allows us to deploy AI-powered cross-platform bots 10x faster than coding from scratch.
About CoinyPay AI bots
A Shopify store owner?
Earn more with our powerful Shopify integrations
Cut shopping carts abandonment rates in half
More than 84% of your revenue is lost in shopping carts. We know how to bring it back to your pocket
Upsell 10x more with smart broadcasts in Facebook Messenger
Automatically send compatible products based on previous purchases, coupons, discounts and more
Stay in touch with your customers 24/7 with automated support
Answer questions, ask for feedback, product reviews – earn their loyalty to your brand!
What can chatbots do?
Your website or app users will be able to solve most of their issues automatically in a dialogue
with a chatbot
Gather feedback from your clients by providing them with polls and questionnaries
Time saver
Your sales and customer support teams can focus on the hardest work and leave routine tasks for chatbots
Send broadcasts with news, discounts and special offers to your clients with interactive buttons and dialogue flows
24/7 support
Receive automated support that embeds your FAQ with an opportunity to add a live manager at any moment
Segment your audience to up-sale them with the most relevant broadcasts
Chatbot can understand human speech from written text to voice recognition
Why CoinyPay Bots?
Fast development
We use our own Chatbot Development Studio to create bots much faster
Much cheaper than apps
Chatbots are available on any platform at once resulting into cost reduction
All-in-one solutions
One chatbot can do multiple task and optimize both internal and external processes
Case Study:
How to Save $18,000 a Year on Restaurant Staff
with a Chatbot?
MilkBar restaurant has over 100,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram combined. The same questions were asked by subscribers over and over: table reservation, delivery, menu, address, dessert order, etc. 90% of all questions were the same from day to day.

Our chatbot automated almost all client communications and cut operational costs by 70%.

Read how in our Case Study below:
You will need a Facebook Messenger app to try the chatbot.
We have flexible pricing based on your specific project goals
Subscription Basic
From $149
monthly (20% discount if yearly billed)
Subscription Giant
From $2 000
per month
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We work with international banks, payment systems, venues and online merchants
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