Boost Telegram chat activity for your ICO

  • Create interest in your product
  • Attract real investors to the chat with ease
  • Thousands of automatic human-like dialogs
What is BotChat?
BotChat - is an innovative service for upcoming or early stage ICOs that struggle to create huge hype in Telegram chat from the very beginning.

BotChat uses trained neural networks to create thousands of realistic dialogs about your product, so any new visitor to your Telegram chat will get onboard impressed by the discussion.
Investors will stay
90% more people will choose to stay in your ICO chat
People leave chats with low activity
in first 20 seconds
People leave chat with low activity
in first 30 minutes
Your marketing budget
How it works?
Create virtual Telegram accounts
Get virtual phone numbers and create Telegram accounts with real human names and avatars (as many as you like!)
Add them to your chat
Add those virtual users to your Telegram chat as you normally add people to it
Assign role via our admin bot
Tell our admin bot which user should be asking questions (investor) and who will be answering them (administrator)
Create user dialogs
Using dialog flow create intents with different types of questions and answers to them (we will teach you how to do it)
All set
Simply run required dialog sequences with the command in admin bot and the chatting will commence!
Key features
Investors will stay in your ICO chat till the end because of hot discussions happening every minute
Add unlimited virtual accounts
You may create, add to your chat and assign roles to any amount of virtual accounts
Update dialogs on the fly
You may add as many dialogs to your chat as you like and customize them in a way that there is no identical flows
Convert real users into investors
Schedule different administration posts with links and reminders to be posted regularly to warm up the crowd
Create a unique chatting experience
From virtual accounts, delays between admin posts and discussions - everything is up to you to customize
Super flexible pricing for different purposes
for non-ICO businesses
>0.2 BTC / mo
Advanced realistic human-like dialogs

Neuronetwork to diversify communication

Virtual accounts communication

5 free virtual accounts included

3 pre-created dialog flows included

Personal usage guide and support

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ICO advanced
for real hackers
>0.8 BTC / mo
Advanced realistic human-like dialogs

Neuronetwork to diversify communication

Virtual accounts communication

15 free virtual accounts included

Personal usage guide

Multiple dialog chains

Context recognition

Virtual accounts to real people communication

On-demand custom features

We create dialogs for you

Priority support

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