CoinyPay - chatbot to simplify payments

Your assistant to automate payments in venues and online shops via Facebook Messenger
How it works?
You no longer need to use your credit card or cash as well as installing additional apps
Activate CoinyPay chatbot on our Facebook page, connect your credit card and get your unique CoinyID directly in Messenger app.
Simply tell your CoinyID to the waiter at the venue or use it as a payment option at the supported online shop. Then proceed with ordering as usual.
Your bill will arrive directly in the Messenger app. CoinyPay will pay for your order automatically within 30 minutes by charging your connected card. You may cancel or change your order within this timeframe.
CoinyPay for clients and businesses
Get your bill instantly - pay for it automatically
For venue guests
You no longer need to call the waiter and wait for the bill, change or payment terminal in order to pay for your coffee, dessert or business lunch.

With CoinyPay, your payment is done for you automatically 30 minutes after you made an order. Now you can walk away when you like and stop wasting your precious time on payments.
For online shopping
When purchasing a dress for your wife at online store or cinema tickets with your friends you won't need to input your payment information again and again.

With CoinyPay, you will simply input your CoinyID in the payment section and confirm your transaction on Facebook Messenger. Wherein you payment card information is not transferred to third parties.
For restaurants and cafes
If you own a popular place and there is always a que formed by hungry employees from the nearest business center at lunch then CoinyPay is your best friend.

Your guests will pay for orders using CoinyID which guarantees payments after 30 minutes. This emphasizes time economy for your staff and guests, so your can serve more and boost your ratings and profits.
For online merchants
Provide your clients with CoinyPay button as a payment option. In this way the won't be wasting time while typing long credit card details. They will use CoinyID instead.

This way you won't lose those clients who failed to correctly specify their payment information.
Features of CoinyPay chatbot
"The feeling when you no longer need to worry about payments and their security - is just priceless"
CoinyID instead of cash or credit cards
To pay via CoinyPay, just tell waitress your CoinyID or type it on the website. Then just make an order as usual and confirm it in the messenger to get the electronic bill.
Automatic payment for your order without waiting and delays
Get your bill immediately after order. It will be paid automatically in 30 minutes and you may leave at anytime without asking for the bill.
Security & Anonymous feedback
In case your CoinyID is stolen you may simply request a new one with one message. No need to re-issue your credit card or call your bank.

You may always share your feedback when you have a moment. It will be visible only to the owner of the restaurant or website. You will be able to reply to any number of questions and help to improve menu or service.
Order CoinyPay
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